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Bamboo Crosses: Handmade by A Touch of SAS, LLC.

3 sizes - Prices range from
$13.50 to $42.50 depending on size and type of wood.

Small: $13.50 (7" x 3")
Medium: $22.50 (9 1/2 " x 5")
Lg.: $42.50 (17" x 8")

Each cross is decorated with real garnets, along with unique beads, charms, sequins, and wire. They make great gifts and Christmas ornaments. Some people have had them blessed and then hang the small ones from their rear view mirrors in their cars. Others have purchased them for their cross collections. The bamboo crosses are made using bamboo, which originates in China and is then recycled from the Denver Zoo. It gives me great pleasure to give the bamboo another life!

Since the creation of the bamboo crosses, I have also found interesting red and purple woods, which I use to make unique and beautiful crosses. In addition, some are made strictly from wire, then decorated with beads and charms.


The bamboo crosses are decorated with beads, pearls and most with real garnet stones collected in Colorado and purchased from a local "rock hound." The bamboo used is recycled and comes from China. They make beautiful gifts
or editions to any collection.


These purple and redwood crosses have a more delicate look to them than the bamboo crosses. The wood is not as large in diameter, therefore, most times, less decorative material is used. They are beautiful in their own simple more delicate style.

We will make to suit! Special orders for all crosses and dreamcatchers: Call to discuss!

Other unique crosses:

Along with the bamboo crosses are crosses created out of other materials, including wire and weathered, barnwood. Please contact me and I can email photos to you. The prices for these range from $18.50 to $47.50.

Click on the images to see enlarged versions of all crosses.

Small Bamboo Crosses (7" x 3")
Cross Color Scheme:

Medium Bamboo Crosses (9 1/2 " x 5")
Cross Color Scheme:

Large Bamboo Crosses (17" x 8")
Cross Color Scheme:

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