PLEASE NOTE: Small, decorative parts MUST be removed for child safety.

Meet the newest member of the SASsy Baby Golf Bag family...
”Eeyore Makes fore”!

I am lucky I have found an outlet for continuing to buy baby shoes. What fun it is to pass these on to you all. Oh, and the socks too are such fun little items to add to the bag! Use your imagination or ours to create a memorable and special gift. Please remember too, we carry some very practical gift items for the new parents that can be purchases separately. The most popular and heartfelt is the American Red Cross Healthcare Kit. It has all the essentials (short of emergency care) to care for baby at home and on the go. On the go always seemed to be where I was least prepared as a new Mom, so this little kit is perfect to put in the bag and go!

Baby SASsy Bag
$34.95 and up

When you order this item, we will contact you to find out which bag you would like.
Additional gift items for contents of Baby Bags sold separately, and can be ordered over the phone.